Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Big Crab Contest - 2016 - 8th Annual

Once again we are here to regale you with some delicious crabs courtesy of Mrs. D's First Grade Class at Easton Elementary School. The entries are in and the winners have been announced!

First, we only have a few pictures from the class taken at last years big Turkey Day Fest:

 Here is Mrs. D. dishing out the goodies.


Lots of artwork here, the crabs will be hard to judge this year.

Now down to business. Keep in mind that these drawings were the creative art of the students themselves. (Sometimes with a little help from their friends.)

(Attention: There might be a few goofs with the names; things got a little confused at the end. But if you let me know I'll correct them.)

Kai comes in with the Bluest Crab. Maybe even one of the Blues Brothers?

 Without a doubt, Varnika has the most Colorful Crab. That might even be her under the lamp(?) in the right lower corner. 

Best Smile for Wendy. Glad she is into the tooth brushing. You should be too! Really exquisite detail.

 Here is the Happiest Crabs under the sun(s). Courtesy of Tylei.

 Cutest Crab for Erin. We took a little liberty with the size. But, you get the idea.

 Here we have that dynamic duo, the Cutest Couple, from Alexandra. I particularly like the Groucho Marxs on the left but then that shows my age. Ring in the vaudeville music. Watch the Crab Dance.

 Rudi drew the Smallest Crab this year. Actually, it is a quite artistic use of Space. Maybe Rudi will be an astronaut?

 Larisa shows us a Crab with the Most Legs. The Photoshop work on this one was tough.

 We think that the Best Maryland Crab (because all Maryland Crabs are True Blue) goes to Janely. Correct us (in the comments) if we are mistaken.

 Next we have the Reddest Crab by, none other than Ja'sian. As per our serious class discussion, blue crabs become red crabs when, well, when they are in the pot. But not the Crab Pot, which sits on the bottom of the Bay. All very confusing

 Next we have the Most Creative Crab by Brayner. There are a lot of interesting elements here including fishies and turtles (Terrapins?) and other guys.

 Adal weighs in with the Toughest Crab. That would not be in the culinary category, but rather in the WWE arena.

 The judges felt that Gabrielle's trio ranked as the Funniest Crabs. Sort of an Under the Sea routine. 

This giant came in as the Biggest Crab by Ana. It looks pretty succulent.  

 Note the bubbles. This classifies Janiyah's crab as the Best Swimmer. Amazing. You might also note the lipstick. One of those newfangled colors championed by the last governor of Alaska.

 Michelle gives us the Nicest Crab. The judges say this because of her crab's attention to her babies (we think). May they grow up to populate the Bay.

 Alison's three crabs were felt to be, well, the Crabbiest Crabs. They do have Maryland colors, though.

 Last but not least, we suspect this is Tisin's crab and it was judged to be the Fattest Crab. Ready for the feast, but don't tell him.

So, there you are. Once again one has to be impressed by the inventiveness of these children. We hoped they enjoyed their prize, a gift certificate to the News Center bookshop. Read, Read, Read. 

Note: Two of our readers in England, Felix Grant, and Ray Girvan, have sadly moved on to higher things. Both were highly intelligent, erudite and will be sorely missed.
Dr. C.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Big Crab Contest - 2015 - 7th Annual

Mrs D's First Grade at the Big Holiday Party

 Here are the winning crabs from this year, 

Alayia-Looks Most Like Mrs. D




Cervantes-Most Like a Robot

Cristhian-Most Crabs on a Page

Dulce-Longest Claws

Frank-Most Friendly to the Environment

Ian-Best Hidden Crab

Jonah-Coolest Crab

Juan-Most Realistic Crab

Kai-Looks Most Like Dr. C.
My super powers enable me to consume a pound of white chocolate at one sitting.

Kaleah-Most Bashful


Kyle-The Maryland Crab

Kylie-Best All Around Crab


Mia-Fattest Crab

Nijayah-Best Eyes

Noah-Most Colorful

Nyseem-Toughest Crab

Rah'Zir-Most Artistic


See you next year!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Big Crab Contest 2013 - 5th annual

Mrs. D's Class at Christmas
Please note the composition of the Crabs this year.  
The students were instructed to create the pictures entirely on their own. I think you will agree that the great variation in interpretation this produced is fascinating. 

Autumn - Best All Around Crab
Don't forget to note the lipstick on the Rockfish
in her claw, and the tiny crabs in waiting. 

Matthew - Fuzziest Crab
A new category this year. Rhymes with "warm."
Closest thing to a cuddly crab we've seen. 

Emma - Most Artistic
I find this interpretation, clearly from the Red Ryder School,
to be definitely Fin de si├Ęcle. You have a great future, Emma.  

Nai'ema - Biggest Claws
You have to appreciate the asymmetry of this crab. 
Just when your brain is creating an anthrophomorphic
picture, that fifth leg throws it catawampus.

Georgann - Best half-cooked
This reminds us that crabs when cooked go blue to red.
There is much risk in going from blue to red; many of us
would prefer red to blue.

Evan - Cutest
The simple lines of design, the stylized appendages, this
goes to make a crab compact and appealing.

Jaidyn - Slitheriest Crab
 There is much to ponder here. Piercing eyes, smeared
lipstick, happy companions. There is a story behind this crab.

Mason - Crabbiest
This is a much sought after prize in the First Grade Set.
We just thought that Mason's looked like the closest to the ideal.
Remember, there are crabby qualities other than grumpy!

Imani - Tastiest
We gave Imani a mulligan on this one since, 
while perhaps King of the Bay, the uninitiated might get confused, 
and think he came from Alaska. 
But all that crab's going to taste real good this Summer.

 Jordan - Looks most like Mrs. D
Whoops! The judges made a mistake here, it should be Ms. Krabs.
But, they were overwhelmed by the colors (and the purple stockings).

Jonathan - Most Crabs on a Page
Actually, it is the ONLY entry with more than one crab.
There are some other aspects of the composition that are noteworthy. We're not sure if Van Gogh liked crabs, but you have to like the Starry Night. (don't forget to count the legs)

Braxton - Skinniest Crab
This guy is definitely on a diet. But, then, he lives under a rainbow.
And, of course, he's a friendly sort.

Emilie - Bluest
Yes, in their native habitat, crabs are blue. They also 
play slide guitar and a harmonica. They sing sad songs
about Jimmies and She Crabs. 

Jose - Most Colorful
I have a hard time getting my brain around what prompted
this color scheme. It is almost geod like. Note the stance.
Ready for action.

Omar - Happiest
Omar realizes that brushing teeth is important business. 
He is also quite capable of recognizing the true essence of that rara avis, the happy crab.

Benjamin - Most Handsome
Ben really wanted the crabbiest trophy. But the bow tie did it for him.
Sorry, Ben, you'll appreciate handsome when you grow older.
(P.S., it isn't Squidward)

Emmanuel - Looks most like Dr. C.
Not only is there a bow tie, there is a stethoscope.
There is also a rather sinister mustache. Can't have everything.

Marilyn - Fattest
Please note that this is a Ms. Crab. So, Sponge Bob's influence 
is not universal. Note also the neat bracelets this happy crab has.
The apparatus in the right lower corner is probably the pot
that Ms. Crab has just jumped out of. Tasty.


Mikayla - Most Original
One has to be impressed with the detail of this crab.
When the judges picked it most original,
it was for the draftsman(woman) quality of the rendering.

Charlie - Most Sparkly
Unfortunately the picture doesn't show the blue sparkles
Charlie added to his rendition. Texture, Charlie, texture.
Makes you want to pull out your nutcracker and hammer.

Braden - Funniest
This little guy is just laughing his way across the bottom of the Bay.
There is a ghost in the background, but we won't mention it.
Don't want to scare him, do we?