Monday, May 7, 2012

Big Crab Contest 2012 (4th Annual)

The fourth annual big Crab Day drawing contest was held recently in Mrs. D.'s First Grade (Easton Elementary School). We had some fine crabs.

Here's the contestants (with the elves in the background).

Brooklynn - Award: Most Like a Space Alien (new category this year)

Tyshawn - Award: Most Like Dr. C.
What can I say - it captures the mood.

Olivia - Award: The most Bling
I had to look this up but I think it has to do with Lil Wayne or Slick Rick. Part of the effect of Olivia's crab is lost since there is a lot of glitter in red and green.

Reagan - Award: Most Like Mrs. D.
The judges latched onto this immediately. I think she does like lemonade and grapes.

Allison - Award: Most Colorful.
Please note the use of stars. Starfish?

Ceyleer - Award: Cutest
Its hard to imagine a cute crab but, hey, everybody is cute to somebody.

Cassidy - Award: Most Ladylike
Of course some wag immediately called it a "she" crab.

Enley - Award: Biggest Claws
This is actually an exceptionally well drawn crab.

Finnegan - Award: Best All Around Crab
The scanned picture does not do justice to the colors; the central carapace is a subtle mixture of greens and blues to give just the right tone.

Darwin - Award: Most Crabs on One Page
Please appreciate the sense of development here, one might almost call it evolution.

Giselle - Award: Tastiest
After all, what are crabs for?

Maddi - Award: Biggest Eyes
I wish, I wish, I wish we had palm trees with coconuts, with smiling suns and observant crabs!

Madeline - Award: Funniest
There is much to peruse in this story. Sympathy for the plight of the less fortunate. Knowledge of the right seasoning (Old Bay). But we should caution her about standing on stacked step stools. She might fall in with her friend!

Maya - Award: Best Mr. Crab.
I'm not sure what the attraction of Sponge Bob is to kids. I guess it is just zany. On the other hand, it could be a Dalek.

Elijah - Award: Most Original
Notice the filigree about the eyes.

Aunesti - Award: Cutest Face
A pretty good crab. A more interesting name. I suspect that she will make a good politician!

Taylor - Award: Smartest
We were unclear what the apparatus on the top of Taylor's crab was, but it is possible that it is a secret device connecting her with aliens (see above).

Nicolas - Award: Most legs
This was easy. Clearly fit this description to a T. However, we did wonder about the eyes. They look a little like those found in botanicula.

Kevin - Award: Happiest
We like smiles. The red gloves, though, are a little much.

Edwin - Award: Crabbiest
Now, we do not want to get involved in a long discussion of what is the essence of crab. That is, what is a crab's entelechy. Or why they seem to be associated with the curmudgeons of the world. But Edwin sort of put it in perspective.

Kirsten - Award: Fattest
This was clearly the fattest, though it also has an abundance of legs. This could be the Goodyear Blimp of crabs. The one that on the solo could fill a bushel basket. The one you would need a back hoe to pick.

Kyle - Award: Skinniest
This one was hard to pick because we like to think of crabs as fat. So, bear in mind, skinny is relative (like in life :)  ).

Annah - Award: Most Handsome
He is handsome. One has to be careful with green eyes. One is never certain whether it is Edna O'Brien, jealousy, or jaundice.