Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Crab Contest - 2011 (3rd annual)

We are happy to present the winners of the 2011 Big Crab Contest in Mrs. D's First Grade Class at Easton Elementary School. All winners received a gift certificate to use at the local book store. Dr. C.

Here we are after a grueling day of judging. No, the babies are not members of Mrs. D's Class. They are scouting out future sites. Wise move.

Sara - Best Smile
Like putting lipstick on a Crab!

Ashtyn - Best Eyes
Yes, they do move independently, a mantis crab.
But they don't see polarized light!

Alex - Biggest Claws
(Orson Welles got his ideas from the Eastern Shore)

Chandler - Most Original
Note that the Crab is Blue before going in the pot.
These kids know their crabs.

Emme - Happiest
Also the one with the tartan claw.

Andrea - Most Colorful
The Faberge Crab!

Tucker - Skinniest
When you are a skinny crab, you survive.

Licardo - Saddest
Do crabs cry salty tears?

Corey - Best All Around
In addition to design, we thought that the colors here were superb.

Mckenzie - Most Like Dr. C.
What can I say? Like looking in a mirror.

Shareef - Scariest
Several rock bands vied for the copyright on this one.

Ceaira - Best Lips
All the better to kiss you with, my dear!

Victor - Most Environmentally Friendly
Please notice the biodiversity.
Mrs. D. teaches them young about the important things.

Alenjandra - Cutiest
These crabs are joined in a crab dance called
"The Scuttle"

Mrs. D. has four children in her class that are exceptional. It is a wonderful thing to see how the other children (above) treat these special students. To watch them in action makes one believe that compassion is a basic trait of a human and it is prejudice that is learned.

Ethan - The Crab with the Reddest Claws

A'yana - The Bashful Crab

Alyssa - The Singing Blue Crab
(i.e. blues singer)

Elijah - Most artistic

Hope you enjoyed this year's batch. Come again next year when a fresh group of artists will try their hand.